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Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (CTAS) supports your projects from concept to real-world application or at any scalable solution in-between. CTAS takes pride in responding to the ever-changing needs of our customers by placing an emphasis on evaluating our manufacturing processes and making continual improvements. Our small business flexibility, lean management team and industry-leading employee benefits help us deliver exceptional customer-driven solutions and a quick and cost-effective solution to any priority need.



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5 Axis Programmer/Machinist
Cape Canaveral, FL

CNC Mill Operator Set Up Machinist
Cape Canaveral, FL

Swiss Screw CNC Programmer/Machinist
Cape Canaveral, FL

Turning Center Lathe Machinist Sr
Cape Canaveral, FL

Aerospace Electronics Quality Inspector
Merritt Island, FL

Recent News

Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions has entered into a partnership with Dhruva Space to collaborate and catalyze the design, development, and commercialization of new innovative space technologies and services.

Under the agreement, Craig Technologies and Dhruva Space will explore collaborations to further the missions of the space programs in India and the United States through strategic alignment and value add agreements related to satellites, Mission Operations Centers, Ground Stations, space-related hardware/software, and other technologies. The partnership will include a foundation of services that will support:

  • Research and development of new space technologies, while also pursuing space science research and planetary exploration.
  • Design and development of satellites and related technologies for Earth observation, communication, navigation, meteorology and space science.
  • Space based applications for worldwide societal development.
  • The discovery and expansion of knowledge for the benefit of humanity.
  • The commercialization of tested and sustained space technologies.
  • On-orbit testing of new technologies to catalyze maturation or technology readiness levels.

“Craig Technologies is excited to collaborate with Dhruva Space to further our parallel goals of designing, manufacturing, deploying, and supporting constellation-based solutions to both commercial and government customers,” said founder and CEO Carol Craig. “We look forward to working together in a rapidly growing industry that will define the near future”.

The availability of affordable space-based solutions over the next decade will change the way businesses work and the collaboration of Craig Technologies and Dhruva Space will place them at the forefront of a global transition to a celestial economy.

–05.2019    Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (CTAS) recently attended the SATELLITE 2019 Conference in Washington DC.SATELLITE brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, end-users and enthusiasts from over 100 countries for the premier global event on satellite technology. “It’s important that CTAS attend this premier event, so that we may best capitalize on the new end-user markets, applications and technologies of the ever-changing Satellite industry while informing the global market of our own ever-growing satellite deployment capabilities, said Carol Craig, Founder and CEO.

–11.2018     Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions, LLC has been awarded a contract to provide payload integration and operations support to NASA and other federal agencies.  In addition to government agencies, the company will provide satellite launch support to commercial customers both nationally and globally.

Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (Craig) will provide turnkey services to manage and perform the work for the successful integration and on-orbit operations of payloads using the Space Stations Integrated Kinetic Launcher for Orbital Payload Systems (SSIKLOPS or “Cyclops”) or other research platforms.

— 06.2017    Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (CTAS) is proud to announce their new location, 175 Imperial Boulevard, Cape Canaveral.

— 03.2017   Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (CTAS) announces that it is establishing a .Space Development Acceleration Capability (SDAC) in partnership with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and Space Florida. CTAS is currently developing the Flight Test Platform (FTP) that will utilize the NanoRacks External Payload Platform (NREP) on the International Space Station (ISS) to showcase and test space hardware and additive manufacturing in Low Earth Orbit conditions.

— 02.2017   Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (CTAS) is pleased to be fabricating over 300 cable harnesses for Core Electric Corp. that will be used on the SLS (Space Launch System) Mobile Launcher under a contract with NASA-KSC.