Fiber and Wire Harness Manufacturing

Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (CTAS) offers a reconfigurable 8,000 square-foot lab with the equipment, staff and space to produce a wide range of space system flight and ground cables, medical wire harnesses, military harness assemblies, electronic chassis, electro-mechanical assemblies, and fiber optic assemblies. CTAS has extensive experience assembling electronics including soldering, crimping, multi-pinned connector terminations, fusion splicing, molding, potting, and testing.Cable Assembly

The lab is configurable to provide a working area to efficiently kit, assemble, and test cables and consists of independent workstations where certified electrical and quality personnel prepare and assemble cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and fiber optic assemblies per customer approved drawings. All components are cut, staged, and kitted to ensure accurate assembly and maximum production efficiencies. Depending on final specific test requirements, the cable assemblies and wire harnesses can be automatically tested for Hi-pot & Continuity checks, open shorts, and dielectric for all terminations, as well as insertion loss and absolute power for fiber optics.


  • Cable Assemblies: HO (power), ML (data), FO (data)
  • Connectors: General purpose, rectangular, high density, miniature, power, commercial, coax (TNC, SMA, HN and Tri-axial), fiber optic (ST, FC/PC, SC, LC)
  • Terminations: Stripping (thermal and mechanical), soldering (NASA STD – 8739.4, NHB 5300 and MIL-STD 454), crimping, butt and parallel splices up to 4/0 AWG, fusion splicing
  • Contacts & Terminals: From 26 AWG up to 4/0 AWG, flag terminals up to 4/0 AWG
  • Mechanical: -500 to +2,000 lbs for pull test requirements to certify/verify good crimps/splices (performed on test samples)
  • Testing: DC Hipot (manual to 3000 Volts Direct Current (VDC) and automatic to 1500VDC), Alternating Current (AC) dielectric (manual to 3000 VAC), continuity (manual and automatic). Automatic testing is performed to minimize time for end to end connection testing
  • Chemical Mix Crib: OSHA approved laboratory vent hoods, multiple ovens for elevated temperature chemical cures, and a de-aeration station for performing certified processes such as bonding, potting, etc.


The CTAS avionics lab manager utilizes over 25 years of experience in engineering, fabrication, testing
and installation of electronic systems to ensure contractual requirements are met and deliveries are on time and within budget.

Our Avionics Quality Manager has over 10 years of Aerospace Quality experience and is a NASA 8739.4 level B certified instructor, allowing for expedited training and certification of a skilled workforce necessary to assure timely delivery of a high volume of cables and rapid expansion of production capacity as needed. Our IPC-J-STD-001 certified technicians adhere to NASA work standards KSC-E-165, KSC-GP-864, KSC-STD-132 all required for NASA 8739.4 certifications along with other industry standard certifications.

CTAS maintains in-house expertise to manage procurement from CTAS approved suppliers for products and services ranging from commercial off the shelf to subcontracted custom services and special processes. These in-house procurement capabilities include personnel familiar with the technical requirements for acquisition of aerospace, defense and avionics hardware, subcontract management and supplier quality personnel.


Our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Quality Management Systems (QMS) ensure that certified processes are used to meet all design, test, and operational requirements. CTAS performs extensive quality review of customer requirements prior to job planning. Job planning provides sequential steps for fabrication and testing. Each fabrication step requires separate approval and testing performed includes documented results. Final inspection is performed and documented by a certified inspector prior to shipment of the product. A non-conformance reporting system is used to initiate, track, and successfully close any product non conformance reports.