Precision Waterjet Cutting Services

Waterjet cutting is used by metal processing specialists to form highly accurate cuts for custom metal components. It is a cold-cutting technique that leverages water (or a mix of water and abrasives, such as garnet) to cut through materials via rapid erosion.

This process is suitable for cutting a variety of materials—ranging from soft products like foam and carpet to hard metals like ceramic and metal—and can cut through materials up to 5.5 inches thick .

Unlike laser or plasma cutters, waterjet cutting tools do not rely on thermal mechanisms; instead, they eject water and an abrasive at three times the speed of sound. The pressurized water stream magnifies the effect of erosion to quickly and cleanly produce the necessary cuts on the material.

CTAS offers a cost-effective waterjet cutting solution whether you need a single part, batch of prototypes, or a production order.


  • Speed: Abrasive waterjet cutting is up to four times faster than conventional flat stock waterjet cutting.
  • Precision: Our machines meet the strictest tolerances, up to +/- 0.0010”.
  • Versatility: We cut a wide variety of materials with near net accuracy, virtually eliminating secondary finish machining.
  • High material usage: Waterjet cutting maximizes material usage through tight nesting, which lowers your cost per part. Taper is all but eliminated, with less than 1 degree in straight-line geometry.
  • No heat distortion: Waterjet cutting generates no heat, so the material edge is unaffected and reduces distortion to zero.
  • Finish cut: Waterjet cutting is considered a “finish cut,” immediately usable for signs and displays, which saves on finishing costs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Cost savings per part are unmatched by any other cutting system.


  • Round inside corners with a 0.030″ or larger radius
  • Avoid tightly toleranced features in thick materials
  • Avoid designing flimsy shapes


• Aerospace (aircraft engines, turbine blades, control panels, etc.) • Architectural (marble, tile, stone, ornamental components, etc.)
• Biotech (pipes, tubes, disks, etc.) • Chemical (tanks, pipes, tubes, etc.)
• Marine (pipes, pumps, etc.) • Mechanical (pumps, disks, rings, etc.)
• Packaging (inserts, foam, etc.) • Pharmaceutical (tubing, disks, etc.)
• Vacuum (tubing, pumps, pipes, etc.) • Welding (pumps, disks, rings, etc.)
• Signage (lettering, artistic designs, etc.)


Work Envelope: 13’ 4” x 6’ 8” Cutting Depth: up to 5” Position Accuracy: ±0.001” Repeatablility: ±0.001”

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